Gailanne Amundsen

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Gailanne has been singing since before she could talk and started playing instruments not long after. She began on dulcimer and classical piano, which inspired her to start competing at a very young age, and she has honed her considerable musical skills over the years.

She won her very first blue ribbon at the Florida Old Time Music Championship for women’s singing when she was only 9 years old. She began to play the fiddle around the same time and started to get into the old time bluegrass scene, first in her local Florida backyard, and eventually traveling all over the country. Old time, in particular, captured her heart and is a prominent style in her repertoire. Her accolades are many: She has been both Florida and Tennessee State Fiddle Champion as well as winning The National Rustic Fiddle Championship. She has also been awarded for her songwriting, winning the best tune award at Clifftop’s neo-trad contest in 2012 and third place at an Eddie’s Attic Songwriters Shootout. Her band Jubal’s Kin has won multiple Independent Music Awards and was on a nomination list for the Grammys. She has toured all over the country with Jubal’s Kin & Eye of the Monkey Stringband, and she went on to represent team USA at the International Festival of Music & Dance in Korea.

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