Jason Davis

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Bluegrass music has been part of Jason's life since he was very young. He first heard bluegrass when he was about nine years old while listening to music with his uncle, Thomas Davis. His uncle began taking him to local bluegrass festivals, and around a year later, Jason decided he wanted to learn to play banjo. His first gig on the road was at age fourteen with Michelle Nixon & Drive. He also spent time as a teenager playing with Kenny & Amanda Smith, Blueridge, and Grasstowne. He is currently the longest serving member of Ramblers Choice, having begun his tenure with the band in 2010. Jason has also released two solo albums, Stepping Out and Second Time Around, the first of which was nominated for IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year in 2009. While he's not on the road with the band, he can be found teaching banjo in the Bluegrass, Old Time, & Country Music Studies program at East Tennessee State University. He also enjoys hunting and fishing in his spare time.

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