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Ain't Like 'Em

Ain't Like 'Em

In between whiskey bottles and graffiti drenched walls stands banjoist Anielle Reid on the shoot of her upcoming music video, Morality. Typically scenes of painted brick and urban landscape are reserved for hip-hop videos but the future of the banjo and the vision of today’s banjoists are becoming more vast and inclusive.

“I wanted to show and tell a real story that is universal, something that someone who may not connect with the rural imagery associated with the banjo can relate to” says Anielle Reid when describing the imagery of the video.

Shot in both NJ and Williamsburg, Brooklyn and directed by Japanese Director Norihiro Mizukami, the video depicts a universal story of love and disappointment told by its international cast and crew including French actor, Pascal Yen- Pfister and American actress Catherine Wilson. “The banjo is prominent in uplifting songs but I wanted to show that it can lead musically and visually in emotional ballads as well” - Anielle Reid

Band:  Anielle Reid
Release Date:  May 15, 2015
Label:  Anielle Reid

Please enjoy this special pre-release of the song "Morality" on Anielle's new Album "Ain't Like 'Em", to be released on May 15, 2015.

Exclusive behind the scenes photo shoot for Anielle Reid's "Morality" music video.