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The Choosing Road

The Choosing Road

Even in traditional-based music, every band evolves. As the world of Bluegrass continues to widen its tent of what is and what isn't accepted as part

of the genre, it remains an artform that contains a traditional tenant next to one open to individual expression. With harmony between the two, Bluegrass has remained a perfect medium for songwriting. Chris Jones & The Night Drivers have taken advantage of this prolific envirnoment, becoming award-winning veterans at writing, performing and recording, with Jones being one of the foremost songwriters in Bluegrass - so much so, he has helpe evolve the genre over the last several years by adding his deeply personal and original style to his music.

With their latest album The Choosing Road, Jones and his bandmates and co-writers, Jon Weisberger on bass and vocals, Mark Stoffel on mandolin and vocals, and Gina Furtado on banjo and vocals, have found a sweet spot in their collaboration. It's the result of refined dynamics, themes informed by personal growth and some of the most intimate song writing to date.

"I decided this time around to open up more with my writing, be a little more free and personal, and worry less about how songs would be perceived by different audiences, or how they'd be classified. I guess I made less of an effort to force songs into molds." Jones says. "A lot seemed to flow from there, and that in turn led the band members to come up with some fresh musical ideas as well. The result I think was music that's more distinctly 'us' than it's ever been."

  Band:  Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
  Release Date:  March 29, 2019
  Record Label:  Mountain Home Music Company
  Media:  Audio CD

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