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Come Home

Come Home

First off, I need to acknowledge that there were over 50 people who contributed funds and raised $5,000 during a span of six months to make this album a reality.

Special thanks you goes out to Vanessa Cheratnik and Illia Karpenkov for joining me in the studio, the Montague/Eckerle clan (Kim, Mark, Astrid, and Anton) for being the most amazing second family a girl could ask for, to Benj Fayle for shining so brightly, supporting and creating community, to Maryann & Kevin Borch for opening their home, teaching me how to milk a cow, and being such amazing and inspiring humans, and to Marina Lagacé for joining me on my ridiculous music adventures, laughing just as hard as I do, and being so epically stoked about life. To all of you who asked to remain anonymous, you know who you are; I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the Sparkies; Melissa, Claire, Sam, Nia, Leon, Ryan, Haven, and Adelie, thank you for giving me the space to create, write, be myself, and process all that there was to make these songs a reality. To Miss Brea Garner; thank you for always cheering me on, for pushing me to open up and to be proud of who I am. You will forever be in my heart. Rest is Peace my friend. And to my Canmore Crew: Andi, Lee, Kyle, Rodger, Sylvia, Samm, and Tuttle, thank you for 9 years of cheerleading and support.

A big thank you goes to Cody Taylor for putting up with my shenanigans in creating this album, eating all the muffins, and turning my ideas into beautiful masterpieces.

To Blake and Kenan for stepping up and throwing down some amazing ideas and fattening up my little songs, to my awesome sister Dayna for creating such outstanding art for the album, and of course, a huge thank you to my boys a.k.a. the Converse Cowboys; John Kastelic and Ross Christopher Fairbairn for creating such magic with me on this album, on stage, on the road, and in my living room. My songs and my life would be nothing without you. I am completely and forever grateful for having you two in my life.

And finally, to my family, both blood and chosen, I love you.

  Artist:  Leah Barley
  Release Date:  September 16, 2016
  Record Label:  Independent
  Media:  Streaming