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The Love Still Shows

The Love Still Shows

The Love Still Shows, follow up to 2014's critically praised Nameless Heart, brings Donna Lynn Caskey's soulful, endearing songwriting back to eager audiences. Haunting and jubilant notes ring out from her traditional, clawhammer-style banjo on eleven tracks, forming a stirring musical love letter to listeners. Themes deftly maneuver from everyday pleasures to bittersweet memories and on to new beginnings.

A long-time social worker by day, Donna Lynn's songs evoke a vivid emotional land­scape. The album opens with "Break Free," an encouraging anthem of claiming one's own voice despite obstacles. "It Ain't Per­sonal" reassures listeners that sometimes it takes backtracking to get back on track, and "Beauty Queen" declares we are whole regardless of perceived imperfections. The album is at turns confessional on tracks like "Look At Me," "The Book," and "I Am Willing/Down By The River­side" as well as humorous, including a Jove song to an "Angel Of A Cat."

Maturity abounds on Donna Lynn's sophomore effort with growth as a songwriter and musician showcased throughout the album. The youngest of ten children, she reflects on the passing of senior-age parents on the title track 'The Love Still Shows" as well as on "Odds Are For Beating." Though personal, these songs also reveal unexpected gifts amid the pain and messiness of life in general, as do the timeless sound­ing "My Blessed Child" and "The Time Is Here."

Acclaimed Los Angeles producer, singer-songwriter, and sideman Ed Tree (Spencer Davis) captures the essence of Donna Lynn's sound while adding guitar, bass, harmonium, and vocals in support. The arrangements are further enhanced by world-class guest musicians including fiddler Gabe Witcher (Punch Brothers), percussionists Ray Yslas (David San­born) and Debra Dobkin (Bonnie Raitt), violist Novi Novog (Doobie Brothers), and vocalists Penny Nichols (Jimmy Buffett), and Glen Roeth­el. The Love Still Shows treats the ears in addition to nourishing the heart.

"Simple and stark against beautiful, driving rhythms and delicate passages of her fine 5-string banjo, her songs resound like modern spirituals ... This is music that is good for the spirit - good for all that ails us - an acoustic antidote to chaos and overload." - Paul Zollo, American Songwriter

"An accomplished musician-a banjo player of extraordi­nary skill and imagination. Her old-time roots are evident throughout, but she has taken the banjo into a vast new territory as well, where her songs often modulate between major and minor keys, shift rhythms without hesitation, and always find the perfect note to meld tune and meaning together into a seamless whole." - Ross Altman, FolkWorks

"Her old-time banjo accompaniments are the perfect backdrop for her artfully written lyrics, traditional in na­ture and uplifting in message ... unites the 'old' with the 'new' in a way that is refreshingly unique and enjoyable." - Abby Parks, Folk Renaissance

Band:  Donnal Lynn Caskey
Release Date:  February 10, 2017
Label:  Cordulia Music